"Bring your ideas or get inspired by mine..."

I can visualize and customize your idea and make it true, or I can personalize any of my creations just for you.

New items on Artfire!

I am slowly adding new designs to my Artfire Studio, some necklaces and even hair bows.


From Halloween to Thanksgiving!

As Halloween approaches and I decorate my living room window and my teeth hurt just with the thought of eating candy, I can't wait for Thanksgiving. The smell of food, the presence of family and friends make less hard to bear our long and cold winter.
As for work, I will still have have a few Halloween designs at my Etsy shop and already started working on Thanksgiving and Christmas, time flies by...

New Store at Artfire

My Etsy shop has slowed down this season, so after giving a lot of thought I decided to open a new shop at Artfire, all items here are ready to ship. I have no intention to close my Etsy shop, but it does not hurt to see how things work on other market places.


New Design for 2014 - Girly Butterfly

I have received over the time many requests to make a cute butterfly and never had the time to, so last week I had another request from a regular customer, so finally I made it...

My first order of ribbon necklaces as party favors!

I am trying to diversify a little and very happy to share the pics of my first order of ribbons necklaces, this was a large order, but I am sharing pictures only of the main colors they were made.
I am not making the ribbon necklaces, I buy those ready from reliable US sellers, I make the pendants and them assemble the necklaces by order. All ribbon necklaces are shipped inside a matching organza bag.

It is been a while...

It is been a while since I had time to sit down and write about my craft and life as well, the truth is time passes by way too fast as we get busy with work, family and changes on our lives.
My work have slowed down a lot this season, since Etsy changed its rules allowing its sellers to use outside manufacturers to produce their designs, we independent designers and one person business have to compete with full-scale production operations and Chinese factories, so no o matter how many times we change our “tags,” and work on SEO, traffic and sales will never be the same.  As buyers it also became time consuming to go through so many pages until we finally find the handmade, unique supply or gift we are looking for.
What we can do about? Keep working hard on marketing and getting our name out and maybe moving to other venue. Not sure yet if I am ready to move, and where I would go, but so far I am disappointed and willing to see changes.