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Cold Porcelain by Patty is on Pinterest, just started creating boards and adding pins from my shops, my computer and from my customer's.


Satin and Organza Necklaces already listed in Aftcra

I have already listed a few satin cord and organza ribbon necklaces at my Aftcra shop.


I have opened a shop in Aftcra, there I will have figurines and cake toppers, satin and organza necklaces, hair bows, ooak pendants, magnets and soon I will have glass jars, boxes and other finished products.
I like the handmade feeling and appearance of the site, although still needs a few more tools for our shops like sections and a few more categories, there is not a category for cake toppers or anything specific for miniatures, cold porcelain or even polymer.
After all changes on Etsy over the 5 years I have been selling there I am ready for a change of air, I tried Artfire. Craftisart and Zibbet, but there is no traffic on any of them that justifies the membership cost,  but I have to say they all have prompt and great customer service which lacks on Etsy.

Patty K.

Visit my Aftcra shop: https://www.aftcra.com/coldporcelainbypatty

Baby Shower Corsages

These adorable corsages are ready to ship, perfect for your baby shower.

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